College Sick Days with Type 1 Diabetes

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College Sick Days with Type 1 Diabetes

College sick days with Type 1 Diabetes can be very frightening. Often it’s the first time your child will be managing all of the aspects of their diabetes on top of an illness without your help. It’s hard enough to take care of yourself when you are sick but throw Type 1 into the mix and things get complicated. Having a plan in place for those sick days can help prevent further complications.

Here are some Type 1 To Go tools that will help you remember the things you can do in advance.

Planning for Sick Days at College

You can put some measures in place before you are sick. Make sure you have already visited the clinic you plan to use when you get sick. A pre-visit will make sure your medical record is already in place. Having a relationship with the doctor’s office in advance will also make sure that you can get into the doctor when you need to.  It’s also important to have your pharmacy lined up too!

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