AP SAT ACT Accommodations for Type 1 Diabetics

and PSAT, NMSQT and Dual Credit

AP  SAT  ACT Accommodations for Type 1 Diabetics

Simplified & Summarized

AP  SAT  ACT Accommodations and Dual Credit classes for Type 1 Diabetic students requires some advance planning. Today our High School students weave in and out of standard High School classes. They merge into college classes that fall under the rules of post-secondary (college) education. And all those standardized college admission tests to apply for college also have different rules.

Post-secondary education is not covered by the Free Appropriate Public Education law that protects our Type 1 students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Type 1 Diabetic students must self-advocate and seek accommodations on their own.

You need to know this if your student plans to pursue post-secondary education. 

The Differences
K-12th & College

AP SAT ACT Accommodations & Dual Credit

What does this mean?

It means that accommodations may need to be requested outside of the High School setting. Some of these accommodations will need to be initiated by the parent or student.  And they may take up to 6-8 weeks to obtain.  Whether parent of school initiated, the testing company will contact the existing school to confirm existing accommodations.

This is why an effective 504 Plan should already be in place in High School.https://www.collegeboard.org/


Finally, seeking accommodations under College Board just became easier.  Read 2017 College Board Accommodations. College Board handles the PSAT, NMSQT, SAT and AP testing. Effective January 2017, they will accept the school’s 504 Plan for testing accommodations.

Make sure your 504 Plans are in place with all the appropriate testing accommodations.

ACT Testing

Announced June 2016, there is a NEW easier accommodations process with ACT.  Parents will still need to initiate this process and then work with the school.  And as always, having your 504 Plan in place is essential.  ACT actually states that the students 504 testing accommodations need to be in place 4 months prior to requesting accommodations. And then…it may take 7-8 weeks to get ACT accommodations approved.  Plan and allow the appropriate amount of time to get accommodations approved.

To review the new simplified process, please visit the Type 1 To Go ACT Page.

Dual Credit

Dual credit classes are usually offered in the High School setting through a local college. You will need to request for accommodations with the college by registering with their Student Disability Services. This is important to have in place prior to testing. Dual credit classes, although taken in High School, qualify as post-secondary education.

Some states have state legislation regarding “Limits on Dropped College Courses”. Verify with the college if this will apply to Dual Credit classes taken in High School in your state. Registering for accommodations with the Student Disability Services is a good test for students to understand how this department can assist students with Type 1 Diabetes in future college classes.

Type 1 To Go Tip: Register for accommodations with the Student Disability Services Office at the college.


Type 1 To Go ACT Page

For more information on the ACT’s new process, please visit this page. 

Check out our Resources for 504 Plans

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