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Adam Brown's Guide to Diabetes
Bright Spots & Landmines

At Type 1 To Go we are always looking for great resources for our families. This past summer, one of the most anticipated books was Adam Brown’s Diabetes Guide. Bright Spots & Landmines is a refreshing and informative book written by a young man with Type 1 Diabetes.

Bright Spots & Landmines The Diabetes Guide


Many of you already know Adam from his insightful blog posts for The diaTribe Foundation.

Check out Adam's Corner!

I love Adam’s writing style so I was anxiously looking forward to his book and it did not disappoint.  As expected, I found a book optimistically written with helpful tips on living with diabetes.

From a parent perspective, I found it to be very encouraging and full of motivating quotes. Truly inspirational!

Adam uses the low carb/high fat method of managing his diabetes but this book is about so much more! As a young professional, Adam shares what has worked for him personally. Without endorsing one diet over another, the LCHF method is what helps Adam.

As a mom of a person with diabetes, I have raised a teen with Type 1 so I know that you will have many challenges. A strict form of eating may not work in some families. We encourage you to find what works for you and your child.

I often recall the wise words of Dr. Barbara Anderson, Psychologist from Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. She once asked us in a parenting seminar “Have you ever failed at a diet?” Well of course, I had! That one question reminded me to never judge my son when it came to his eating.

I do believe strongly in empowerment through education. A good book is better than partial pieces of information from the internet! Adam’s dietary suggestions are packed full of information that could be very enlightening to some teens preparing to live on their own.

At T1ToGo, we are all about T1D Teen Transition and providing helpful tools. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to share this book review. Adam’s writing style is so fun and easy to read – this is actually a book a teen would read!

Yes, a book a teen with diabetes would want to read!!! If they are old enough and choose to do the low carb/high fat method then this book offers some sound advice in that area. This book is not just about eating with diabetes – there’s tons of other helpful content!

Most importantly, a teen reading this book would find it inspiring and motivating. The pages are full of encouragement and suggestions on setting goals with diabetes. Anytime I find a book that encourages teens – I am all about that!

Adam’s perspective offers insight into the landmines associated when living with this chronic condition. I fell in love with this book as a parent because it’s realistic and honest! It’s a great read for both teens and parents.

All the proceeds from sales of this book benefit the non-profit The diaTribe Foundation which is all about improving the lives people with diabetes. It’s worth the money and it goes to a great cause.

Amazon offers this book, you can pick up your copy of Adam Brown’s Bright Spots & Landmines right here.

For more information on Adam's Blog, visit

Written by Anne Imber
published on 11/5/2017 on 

Anne Imber is the mom to a Type 1 Diabetic son diagnosed in 2009. As the Founder of Type 1 To Go Teen, Anne shares her experiences with other Type 1 families regarding many of the non-medical issues that Type 1 Diabetic Teens face. The website provides support materials from her presentations. Anne is also the Co-Founder of Cy Fair Type One Connection, a T1 School Advocacy & Support Group for one of the largest school districts in Texas.

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