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Online resources for Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 To Go

Type 1 To Go focuses on providing simplified, summarized information for Type 1 Diabetes. With our emphasis on the non-medical, we want to share some great online resources you may find helpful.  We refer to many of these in our presentations. These websites are great resources when you want to go into more detail. Thankfully, the diabetes world has tons of resources for you. Here are just a few!


American Diabetes Association 

The ADA is a non-profit organization for all type of diabetes. One of the reasons we recommend this organization is because of their focus on advocacy and education. Their Safe at School program is a reference for many school districts in the U.S. The ADA is the source for in depth information about 504 Plans and Legal rights for students and employees.

Great resource: 504 Plan information, Safe at School Program, Advocacy

American Diabetes Association

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 

The focus on JDRF is specifically for Type 1 Diabetes. Upon diagnosis, they will send you a Bag of Hope appropriate for the age of your child. They also offer great Toolkits such as the School Advisory Toolkit for Families.  One of the best books we have read for Type 1 Teens is their Teen Toolkit. You can order these on the JDRF website.

Great resource:  Bag of Hope, Toolkits

Beyond Type 1

Beyond Type 1 is a fairly new non-profit organization. If you are looking to be connected to inspiration and support, this is the organization. They have a very active blog and great advice for various issues with diabetes. The nice thing about Beyond Type 1 you can connect to them in a number of ways – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram so you can choose the best way to be connected. They are only 2 years old but they have a very large and loyal following. You won't feel alone connected to BT1!

Great resource:  Information, Blogs, Connectivity 

College Diabetes Network

This is also a fairly new organization but growing! When you are looking at colleges with your T1, check to see if there is a local College Diabetes Network on campus. It will give you peace of mind to know your T1 student has support while at college. Even if they don't have a chapter, you can find excellent in depth information on a number of topics associated with college and diabetes on their website.  T1ToGo addresses going to College with diabetes but we focus on the teen years in High School and preparation. We also simplify and summarize this process. CDN is a great resource to answer questions you may still have!

Great resource:  College information, College connectivity 

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