Anne's son Tristan and his college girlfriend, Amanda Hodge.
Amanda is the inspiration behind Anne's blog “A Mother's Prayer”

Our Story

Type 1 “To Go” was created to to provide simplified, summarized information to families living with Type 1 Diabetes. In a world full of details, we aim to provide simplified  “To Go” information for busy Type 1 families of today.

Type 1 To Go Teen 

The Type 1 “To Go” Teen Talk was designed specifically to address non-medical issues Type 1 Teens face Navigating High School and Preparing for College. We strive to offer “To Go” lists so that the information is easy to access when parents and teens need it.

The teen years are an important stage in a Type 1's life. Their lives get busier and yet there is still so much to learn prior to embarking on a life of independence living with a chronic illness. Our goal is to offer resources to remind parents of important issues for their Type 1 Teen.

T1 To Go Tools

This website  supports our educational events that we are bringing to families in a simplified, summarized format. T1ToGo aims to bring our information to families in areas that don't normally receive support. T1ToGo checklists provide easy access to To Go resources.


Inspired by her Type 1 son, Anne Imber has created a program to improve the quality and accessibility of critical information and resources as families transition through school into adulthood.  Anne is also the Co-Founder of Cy Fair Type One Connection, a support and advocacy group for Type 1 Diabetic students in her school district of 115,000 students.

The team at T1ToGo also includes former NFL player and Type 1 Diabetic, Brandon Green. Diagnosed at age 10, Brandon played a wide variety of sports through High School.  He played football for Rice University and went on to play NFL football with the Jacksonville Jaguars St. Louis Rams and ended his career with the Seattle Seahawks. After his professional football career, Brandon coached Middle School and High School sports. He brings an amazing perspective to sports/extracurricular activities with Type 1 Diabetes.

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