504 Plans for Type 1 Diabetics

Creating a purposeful 504 Plan to adapt with your T1D's needs

A 504 Plan for your Type 1 Diabetic will be a vital tool for your student.

It's important to have a 504 Plan BEFORE you need a 504 Plan!



Type 1 Diabetes 504 Plan

The Type 1 Diabetes 504 Plan will be different than most 504 Plans implemented at a school. The best 504 Plan should be personalized for the specific needs of each child. A Type 1 Diabetic's 504 Plan should also adapt and change. A student's age and grade level may impact self-management.  Methods of management and equipment may also change mid-year.

And most importantly, Extracurricular Activities and Standardized Testing requirements should be added to create a purposeful plan.

504 Plans for Type 1 Diabetics…simplified

The 504 Plan for a Type 1 Diabetic is an important tool for students.  The term “504 Plan” comes from the legal disability right offered by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. There are many legal rights that protect Type 1 Diabetic students.

504 accommodations can also be requested through college. However, 504 rights and accommodations at the post-secondary level require self-advocacy.

A good 504 Plan takes planning to accommodate the individualized needs for a Type 1 Diabetic student. The school's 504 Coordinator will implement the plan but parents should take on the responsibility of managing the plan. Managing the plan means updating it as needed. A good plan adapts with a child or teen through transition years. Parents can also coach teens in understanding the 504 process to self-advocate in college for their legal rights.

When do you need a 504 Plan?

You need a 504 Plan BEFORE you need a 504 Plan!  All Type 1 Diabetic students in public school should implement a 504 Plan. The 504 should also include the details of the Diabetes Medical Management Plan. Standard T1D Accommodations will be different based on the age of the student. T1D Teen plans should include standardized testing accommodations, self-management and Extracurricular Activity Plans. It is important that a T1D Teens have their 504 Plan in place during High School and again before they graduate.

Simple reminder

It takes time. A good 504 Plan requires an extensive evaluation by many members of the school staff and can require thorough documentation by your school district.

The 504 Plan Step by Step Process

Type 1 To Go Tool:  504 Process for T1Ds

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Texas Law for Diabetes Care in School

Check out Texas State Law on Diabetes Care in School.
Verify your state laws prior to implementing 504 Plans.

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