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We just had to share this awesome find with you!
This small device uses Bluetooth technology and an App on your phone
to help you keep medications at the right temperature.

A personal testimony

This first time I saw this product, I had to have it! Brilliant!!! We could have used this product so much in the past!  I have already ordered TWO MedAngels!  One for home. And one for my college age Type 1 Diabetic son to have at school.

First, you should know that we lived in Italy for a couple of years. Today, we live in Houston, Texas. In Italy, we would lose power seven times a day! Yes! Really. Our kitchen was not heated and we were instructed to open the oven for heat. (Thankfully, we never had to resort to that.)

Each summer, we would stock up on a years worth of insulin for my Type 1 Diabetic son.  Guarded like gold, we carried insulin back and forth to Italy.  And it would be stored in the fridge in our unheated, power losing kitchen.

The story behind MedAngel

Please read The story behind MedAngel
& how it helps keep medications at the right temperature. 

It really works!

We have been using MedAngel.  We discovered that my son's insulin was not in the best place in the fridge to keep it at a consistent temperature. We have moved it and can continue to monitor it now through the MedAngel Bluetooth technology app on our phone.

One day my husband moved the insulin without my knowledge and the alarm went off to notify us that the insulin was getting too warm. Love that! I ordered a second one for my College age Type 1 Diabetic son to use in the apartment fridge he shares with his college roommates.

And because it is so portable, it makes traveling with insulin very safe too.

Anne Imber 
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The story behind MedAngel

Amin Zayani's T1D story 

MedAngel Website

This company is based in Berlin.
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