School Advocacy for Type 1 Diabetes

Cy Fair Type One Connection is a School Advocacy and Support Group for Type 1 Diabetic Students in one of the largest school districts in Texas. The mission behind Cy Fair Type One Connection is to provide a positive voice on behalf of Type 1 students and their families through improved communication with district administration. The school district has 116,000 students and over 530 Type 1 Diabetic students of all ages.

Cy Fair Type One Connection represents Type 1 Diabetic students in the Cy Fair Independent School District in Cypress, Texas. CFTOC was created by Co-founders Anne Imber,  Carolyn Boardman and Robin Hall, moms to Type 1 Diabetic sons. A core committee team of additional T1 parents addresses specific school issues identified by the team.

Cy Fair Type One has provided educational support for their families on 504 Plans, Extracurricular Activities, Standardized and ACT/SAT testing accommodations and the Psychological Side of T1D. Family gatherings also provide the opportunity for Type 1 students to meet other Type 1 kids in the community. Events always include families from the surrounding Houston area.

The advocates of Cy Fair Type One have worked with their school district on providing clarification for students between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. The school district has also implemented improved Type 1 Diabetes training especially in Extracurricular Activities and Large group settings where students tend to share teachers. Working together, Cy Fair Type One  and the District provided a  “Preparing for Kindergarten” presentation for first time Type 1 students in public school.

This advocacy group strives to make sure all their families are familiar with 504 Plans and the importance of updating and transitioning plans. A continued goal is to ensure that all High School students receive their 504 Plans.

As a positive voice for the Type 1 community, areas of issue are able to be addressed with district administration so that improvements can be made. We applaud our school district in being receptive and willing to strive to be a great support team for our Type 1 students. It is a ongoing process and we hope that our school district can be a shining example for other districts.

Cy Fair Type One Connection Core Team
(left to right)
Amy Josefy, Anne Imber, 
Carolyn Boardman, Angela Vinson, 
and Robin Hall


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