Type 1 Diabetes Supplies at College

Planning for supplies while at College

Type 1 Diabetes Supplies at College

Insulin, Pens, Needles, Infusion Sets,
Pods, Glucagon, Ketone Strips…
the list goes on and on!

How much is enough?
Are replacements an option?
Where to store it all?

So many questions and thing to do before
your Type 1 Diabetic leaves for College.

Lots of planning

Preparing for College with Type 1 Diabetes requires lots of advance planning. If you have ever traveled with a Type 1, you know that it requires a little extra packing. Well, maybe more than just a little. Now imagine that for a school year away from home!

Planning far in advance

With departure dates often arriving in early August, it is important to put that date on the calendar. Then back it up two weeks for prescriptions and supplies. Make sure you allow extra time to ensure that you have all the diabetes supplies you want to pack well before the departure date.

Make a list

Make a list of the specific diabetes supplies to pack. Then make a list of items that need to be refilled through your prescription services.  And don't forget the back up supplies to the primary means of management. For instance, even if your Type 1 has been on a pump for years, include pens and needles. Remember this will be the first time your Type 1 Diabetic may be trouble shooting equipment issues without you.

Can replacements be shipped?

Sometimes it is not easy to get packages at college especially on items that may need to be refrigerated. Security and delays in delivery may also be an issue. Keep this in mind when determining the quantity of the supplies.

Coordinate with your endocrinologist

Of course you may have one last endocrinologist appointment just before the departure date. But don't wait till then to get those prescriptions. Start earlier, in the Spring.  If your insurance won't allow you to obtain a larger amount of supplies, you can always contact them and explain the situation.

Make a plan for trips home

Remember to leave some supplies at home. And be careful, leaving insulin back in the fridge at school while you are on vacation. Without monitoring, you may not know if the refrigerator has lost power during your absence. Consider an application temperature device like MedAngel during travel.

Make a plan for Sick Days at College. 
Read our Sick Days at College Page. 

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