College Preparation for a Type 1 Diabetic

Simplified tools for this next stage

College Preparation for a Type 1 Diabetic Student

College preparation for a Type 1 Diabetic student takes some planning. There are many things to consider that most incoming Freshman don't have to remember. In addition, parents tend to have a strong sense of anxiety about this. But this is an incredibility important stage for any Type 1 and there is no reason to hold anyone back out of fear.

Planning with a purpose

Type 1 To Go was actually created based on the experiences our son had in preparing for this stage. We are ultimate planners and we found that all our  planning was put to good use. We understand the anxiety but know that a plan will make a big difference.  We have simplified some of our tools into checklists to help you remember important items.  From the College Search to preparing to leave, we have focused on the College preparation stage. We hope you find this information useful during this stage in your life.

Print these forms now or simply pull them up on your phone on those college visits.

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