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Diagnosed at age 10

Brandon has lived with Type 1 Diabetes since he was 10 years old. Growing up in a small Texas town, he did not know any other Type 1 kids until his own brother was diagnosed 4 years later. Never slowed down by his diabetes, Brandon immersed himself in almost every sport that was available to him.

An accomplished athlete

Although professional football is what he is famous for, Brandon also participated in basketball, track, tennis and wrestling throughout his High School career.

His accomplishments provided him with the opportunity to play College football for Rice University. While at Rice, he earned a degree in Sports Management and Kinesiology.

Professional Football Career

Brandon accomplished the ultimate athlete's dream by playing NFL football for the Jacksonville Jaguars & St. Louis Rams. He ended his professional football career with the Seattle Seahawks. Managing his diabetes so that he could play sports at a professional level required constant evaluation. He learned to assess his performance in relationship to good blood glucose levels. You will often find Brandon speaking with young diabetic athletes to encourage them with his experience with diabetes and athletics.

T1D Athlete

T1D Coach

Coaching with Type 1 Diabetes

Following his NFL career, Brandon has coached both Middle School and High School Athletes. Coaching teens in both track and football.  He truly understands the demands that Type 1 Diabetic athletes face in Extracurricular Activities.

With his experience as a professional athlete and also as a Coach, Brandon wrote The Coaches Playbook for Diabetics.

Brandon teaches about the
Before, During and After Game Plan.
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My Extracurricular Game Plan

Before, During and After Game Plan

Brandon's T1 Team

Brandon is supported in his diabetes work by his wife Kara and their 3 beautiful children. His passion to help kids with Type 1 Diabetes expands to hospital visits, public speaking and T1 camps. Brandon's brother also has Type 1 so he even understands what it's like to be a sibling of a T1D.

He strives to be an encouragement to children, teens and families impacted by Type 1 Diabetes.

Athletic Practices Guide for Diabetics

Print your own simplified, summarized Guide of Brandon's Tips 
for intense Athletic workouts. 

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