Type 1 Diabetic Teens - Drinking and Drug Use

Risky Behavior for Type 1 Diabetic Teens –

Drinking & Drugs

Raising a Type 1 teen has many challenges. And addressing important issues like drinking, drugs
just can't be missed.  This is all part of the educational preparation for independence with a Type 1 child.

It is a parent's instinct to protect their child. Closely monitoring diabetes, late night checks and countless doctor's visits are just a few of the tasks parents take on trying to ensure a long and healthy life for their child.

Not addressing these issues is like diving off a cliff into a deep hole.

Drinking and Drugs

Let's just be truthful here, teenage kids are doing these things. With Type 1 Diabetes, each of these can create complications. The key is to prepare your child with the information before they need it. Long before you think they need it. These are hard discussions to have with kids but it is absolutely essential when living with Type 1.

Peer pressure

This is a huge driving force for teenagers decisions. Empower your child with a game plan on how to address the types of things that will impact their diabetes. “Everybody else is doing it” does not mean the consequences are the same. As parents we give our kids so many tools to manage their diabetes.  Think of these discussions as tools too.

Independence is inevitable 

Our kids do grow up. If they manage to make it through High School school without these issues, they will still face them in college and adulthood. Don't pass up the opportunity to have given them the educational information they needed for independence.

Utilize professional resources

If you feel your child needs support in these areas, we encourage you to seek professional help. Pediatric care has so many more options for assistance than adult care. Ask your child's endocrinologist for assistance with these types of resources. Utilize your network of support before your child turns 18 so they can benefit from the more specialized pediatric care.

Drug and Alcohol Use with Diabetes

Here is the link from the Type 1 To Go Teen Presentation
Source: Coalition Against Drug Abuse


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