ACT Accommodations for Type 1 Diabetics

Simplified & Summarized

ACT Accommodations for Type 1 Diabetics

ACT Accommodations for Type 1 Diabetics requires some advance planning and self-initiation.
In June 2016, ACT improved and simplified their accommodation process.

 Previously, this process required 7-8 weeks to approve accommodations. And one of the criteria was that school accommodations needed to be in place 4 months prior to the request. That really requires some advance planning!!!

Allow plenty of extra time for this process!

 Before you start this process

Make sure the 504 accommodations are up to date with preferred testing accommodations. Include all your technological tools including pumps, CGMs, share devices. Don't forget snacks and breaks too!

Check with your 504 Coordinator at the school.

It is important to know your school's role before you start the process. Schools may differ on this from district to district. Ask in advance, so that you know how to plan.

Review the ACT website.

Know what is expected from you. Predetermine your accommodations and gather the items you will need for the process.

The ACT Accommodations process starts with you. You will have to register for a Test Date in order to request accommodations.

Resource: ACT Accommodations

ACT Request for National Testing Accommodations

These accommodations may meet most
Type 1 Diabetic's needs.
Allows for food/drink, medical supplies,
pumps and extended breaks.
There is also an open spot on
this form for other.

If allowed, cell phone must remain
with Test Proctor. Request to remain
within 10-20 ft. of Proctor. 

Example of Accommodations with NATIONAL Testing

ACT Testing for Home Schooled Students

Instructions for taking the ACT test with accommodations

Don't forget your ACT Consent to Release Form!

ACT Testing for PRIVATE Schooled Students

Step by Step Instructions to Request Accommodations

Don't forget your ACT Consent to Release Form!

For more information on 504 Plans, 
visit our 504 Plan Page!

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