Independence with Type 1 Diabetes

The journey begins

Independence with Type 1 Diabetes

Independence with Type 1 Diabetes will start in the Teen years. Skills in self-management will continue to grow. And despite growth in skills, parents will struggle to let go.The tug of war begins between expectations and management.

And just to make the teen years with diabetes more challenging, a multitude of other teen issues will face your family.

Driving and exposure to Risky Behavior like drugs and alcohol are just a few of the topics that need to be addressed.

The journey begins.


T1D Teachable Moments

As the parent of a Type 1 Diabetic, our biggest fear seems to be letting them go at the age of 18. And that is exactly why the teen years are so incredibly important. As your Type 1 tests their management skills, there will be some days that makes a parent question if a child will ever be ready to be on their own.

Each of these learning experiences are a T1D Teachable Moment.


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Driving opens up a whole new world of worries for a Type 1 parent. It always has. Today's families have cell phones and so many tools to help with diabetes management.  Apps help with parental communication and support.

Preparing for driving should start early – by age 14. Yes, families should start that early.

Read our Driving page and download our  T1D Driving Checklist to prepare for this first step of independence.

Driving with Type 1 Diabetes

Learn how to prepare for Driving.

Drugs and Alcohol

The discussion of drugs and alcohol should start early. Once the kids hit Middle School, they are getting exposed to these issues. It's an important discussion for all teens but it is absolutely critical with a Type 1 Diabetic.

There are many reasons why teens might choose a path of drugs and alcohol. Keeping a teen informed about the impact on their health with diabetes is important. Knowledge is power.

Peer pressure and not knowing how to say no. Two reasons why a teen might accept that first offer of drugs or alcohol. After you have discussed the impact of drugs and alcohol with Type 1 Diabetes, role play some answers your teen can have on hand. Don't just teach them to say “No”, teach them “How to say No”.

Visit our Drugs and Alcohol page for more information.


Drugs and Alcohol Page

Learn more about Drugs and Alcohol with Type 1 Diabetes.

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