Sick Days for College Type 1 Diabetic Students

Providing simple checklists to prepare!

Sick Days for College Type 1 Diabetic Students

Sick days for college Type 1 Diabetic students can be very frightening.
It may be the first time a young adult has managed T1D with
an illness without parental help.

Being sick at college requires extra planning when
you have Type 1 Diabetes.

Planning & preparation eases everyone's minds!

Three essential tools for Sick Days at College!

Planning for Sick Days at College

Put measures in place BEFORE you get sick.
Visit the clinic in advance.
Establish a relationship and medical file
with a local medical support team.

Parents and teens can visit the clinic during Freshman Orientation.
New students can make their appointments the first week
of school to set up a patient profile.

Planning makes it easier to get in to the doctor when you are sick.

Don't forget:  It's also important to have your pharmacy lined up too!

Sick Days require a Sick Day Kit!

Having essential medications for sick days is important to
to have on hand. No one likes to go to the store when
they are sick! Prepare a kit in advance to send
with your college student.

For Type 1 Diabetic students, it is also important
to have food/ & drink supplies on hand to prevent low
blood sugars. A sick student might not want to leave the
room to go to the cafeteria.

Utilize the helpful tools
provided by T1ToGo!

Parents there are so many things you can do in
advance to make the transition to college easier.

Start long before leaving for college.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a serious condition with
Type 1 Diabetes. Make sure your teens
knows the signs of DKA.

It's very important to know how HIPAA laws
change for your child when they turn 18. Be
prepared for medical emergencies away
from parental support.

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