Type 1 Diabetic Teens Burnout and Depression

The impact of a chronic illness on a teen

The Psychological Side
of Type 1 Diabetes

Eating Disorders

Diabetes Burnout with Type 1 Diabetes

You are not alone

Diabetes is more than just managing blood sugars and counting carbs. Diabetes can be very challenging mentally too. It is important to know that if your child is struggling with diabetes, you are not alone.

Psychological care is very important 

Psychological care is so important when living with diabetes that it is now part of the 2017 Standard of Care for Diabetes. Even if you have managed all the fundamental challenges of diabetes, this is an area that requires a professional.

If you or your child is struggling, ask  your endocrinology team to assist you in finding a professional who specializes in patients living with chronic conditions.

Is it Burnout or Depression?

You may not know what to call it… but you sense that something is wrong. You may also find that it is creating challenges with family dynamics.

It may be hard to know the difference. Here are some of they symptoms of Burnout.

Diabetes Burnout Symptoms

We recommend seeking the advice of a professional.
A professional can provide useful tools and resources.
This support will benefit your family for a life of living with diabetes.

Dr. Barbara Anderson provides burnout support suggestions with her Diabetes CPR.
To read more about about Dr. Anderson, read our blog post  “The Psychological Side of T1D”.

This is a summary of a wonderful
presentation by Dr. Barbara Anderson.
Dr. Anderson is known worldwide for her
work with Type 1 children and their families.

Dr. Anderson is a Psychologist with 
Texas Children's Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine

Read our blog on T1D Teachable Moments.
It's about raising a Teen with Type 1 
and finding the positive moments.


The information provided on this page is provided from the parent perspective.
Please seek professional help on this subject from your diabetes care team.

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