Type 1 Diabetes College Preparations

Simplified Checklists To Go

Type 1 Diabetes College Preparations

Type 1 Diabetes College Preparations have been simplified with the Type 1 To Go Checklist. There are many things to address starting at the beginning with the College Search. College Visits can be overwhelming but simplify it with your checklists.  These will help you remember all the details that will help you with your Type 1 Diabetes at the college of your choice.

Making the most of your Freshman Orientation means some advance planning. And once you have decided, you will want to start putting your College T1D Resources in place. It is important to take into considerations of the medical support you will also have available to you in your new town.

And last but not least, there are many things to do your Senior year. And don't forget the Type 1 Diabetic Sick Day Kit for that College Freshman.


Use your Type 1 To Go Checklists 
to help your Type 1 with 
College preparations.

Know the difference between
College Accommodations
K-12 Accommodations

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