Medical Support for Type 1 Diabetics at College

Planning ahead

Medical Support for Type 1 Diabetics at College

Having a plan for medical support for your Type 1 Diabetic at College is essential. Often  you can find resources on Campus. In addition, the college town will have resources that can also be utilized. The most important thing is to plan in advance. On your College visits, use our Type 1 To go Checklists to help you remember what to look for. When your student is sick for the first time, you will find some comfort in knowing that you have a plan. Remember this will be the first time your child may be seeking medical support on their own. And it's no fun trying to figure this out when you are sick.

It's also very important to prepare a Sick Day Kit for College. We have provided several lists here for you to remember all the resources to plan for.

Visit our page on College Sick Days 
with Type 1 Diabetes.

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