Freshman Orientation for Type 1 Diabetics

and Freshman Camps too!

College Freshman Orientation
for Type 1 Diabetics

Disability Services
Health Services Center
New Endocrinologist
New General Practicioner
New Roommate

More than a typical Freshman Orientation

Taking your Type 1 Diabetic teen to their College Freshman Orientation is more involved than a typical orientation. To make the most of your time there, you can plan some things in advance. Arranging meetings in advance will provide so much needed peace of mind for parents.

Student Disability Services

Contact the Student Disability Services well before your planned trip. Make an appointment to meet face to face. Bring in necessary paperwork. Have your student sign the FERPA Release. Depending on the college, you may be able to register at that time for disability services. One of the benefits of signing up with Disability Services is early registration. Your student may not be able to use it at Freshman Orientation but it should be in place for the second semester.

Remember – there are deadlines to register with Student Disability Services in College. This must also be initiated by the student.

Health Services Center

Freshman Orientation would be a good time to check out the Student Health Services Center. If you can, make an appointment with the Head Nurse or Director. It helps to have a good contact person in the case of an emergency. Obtain paperwork if needed to create a patient file. Your student can plan on making an appointment the first week of school to meet the doctor and get the patient file in place.

This may seem like an unnecessary step but it helps to have walked through this process with your child. Remember, your teen may be sick the first time they need to use this facility. They will be less likely to venture out to try something new for the first time when they are not feeling well.

Meet the new Doctors

You may have decided to have an endocrinologist or general practice doctor in the local college town for your Type 1. If this is the case, pre-arrange a visit to coincide with Freshman Orientation. This would be a good time to assist your teen in setting up a patient file with their new doctors.  You can provide a supplemental form with history, contact information, previous doctor contact info and any recent bloodwork results.

Remember to have your student fill out the HIPAA Release form to allow you to assist with billing.  This is also required to discuss your teens care with the doctor since most college freshman are 18! For more on HIPAA, visit our HIPAA page.


Meeting the Roommate

Freshman Orientation might also give you the opportunity to meet your teen's new roommate. This would be the time to promise regular care packages if they would take exchange phone numbers with you. This might be awkward…follow your teen's lead on this one.

In all seriousness, it will be up to your teen to determine how comfortable they are with disclosing information.
Here is the link to the Lilly Glucagon App that we demonstrate in our Teen Talks.

Lilly Glucagon App

Freshman Camps

Freshman Camps may be done off campus and in another city. Contact campus regarding the extent of Health Services provided. The clinic at the camp may not be adequately staffed in case of an emergency. Verify this advance, some of these camps are in isolated areas and may have limited access to medical facilities.

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