Will you ever sleep again? As a parent of a son with Type 1 Diabetes, I get asked this question a lot from weary parents. Type 1 Diabetes teen transition to independence can seem incredibly elusive. As much as we want to let go, there is nothing more fearful than doing exactly that.

That day will come though. That should be exactly your goal!

But the parental strings of a Type 1 parent are incredibly strong. I must admit, each time I watch my T1 son drive off to college, I fear I will I never seen him alive again.

There I said it!
This is my biggest fear!!!

Tristan Edgar Type 1 To Go

We have
through the
challenging teen
years with T1D.

We are in a
much better
place of
at age 20.


So I wave and wave until he is well out of site and try to capture that moment in my brain forever. Praise God!!!  He does keep coming home… despite my fears and the pit in my stomach. Yes.  I do sleep now. He is 500 miles from me. My worry must be placed in his hands with confidence that he can live each day successfully on his own… despite Type 1 Diabetes.

Yes. You will sleep again. You will be absolutely exhausted.

Type 1 Diabetes transition to independence is not about flipping a switch and saying “let it be so!” It happens gradually with lots of coaching in between.

Let’s be real, it will likely be very tumultuous. The parental strings of a Type 1 parent are strong – like “steel” strong! Teens are strong too!  Preparing to break those ties – they will find ways to break them, to leave you, to live independently…with or without Type 1 Diabetes.

As it should be”… get ready!

If you are blessed beyond measure like we have been, some day, your Type 1 child will call and say, “I met someone!”  You will know all your prayers have been answered especially when he adds “and she is a nursing student”.

Hallellujah!! Jackpot!

Now granted, I love this sweet girl that Tristan has brought into our lives but their future is totally in God’s hands. I just know that during this transition into Type 1 Diabetes adulthood, Amanda has been a huge supporter. She has taken a keen interest in his diabetes.

Amanda & Tristan
have been dating
since his Freshman year
of college. She is part of
his new college
T1D Support Team
away from home. 


Tristan Edgar and Amanda Hodge T1 Teamwork

The day she attended his endocrinology appointment instead of us, it was a monumental day. My son is creating a care team that still includes us but is not all about us.

This last visit home from college, he showed me his NEW emergency notification identification. He had lost his old one at work and he had to order a brand new tag.

Ever since a hypoglycemic episode in his teens, we have insisted he wear one with our name and cell numbers on the back.

This one was different though. Right above “Mom” was “Amanda”. His first point of contact would be his girlfriend of two years.

My first thought…”As it should be!!!”

Type Diabetes Teen Emergency Support Network

I will still worry because that’s just what I do as a mom. Being 500 miles from home means Tristan needs a local support team. Amanda is invested in his diabetes management like we are. She is not replacing us but she is an integral part of his team.  We work together.

Our son's roommates and friends also have our cell phone numbers. It's nice to know there are others watching out for him.

Despite tumultuous teen years,Tristan has transitioned into a remarkable young man. We are all his T1D Support Team but he has added his own team members now .

“As it should be!!!”

Written by Anne Imber
published on 1/20/2018 on www.Type1ToGo.com 

Anne Imber is the mom to a Type 1 Diabetic son diagnosed in 2009. As the Founder of Type 1 To Go Teen, Anne shares her experiences with other Type 1 families regarding many of the non-medical issues that Type 1 Diabetic Teens face. The website www.Type1ToGo.com provides support materials from her presentations. Anne is also the Co-Founder of Cy Fair Type One Connection, a T1 School Advocacy & Support Group for one of the largest school districts in Texas.

Tristan Edgar has agreed to let his mom share their stories about raising a Type 1 Diabetic Teen. The family hopes their experiences can benefit other families living with diabetes.

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