MedAngel –  A must have for disaster preparations! 

Keeping insulin at safe temperature levels

“Hurricane preparedness” requires extra thought when you have a person with diabetes in the family. Other families don’t have to worry about whether loss of power means ruined vials of life-saving insulin. MedAngel is a must have for disaster preparations.  We proved that after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston recently. Fortunately, we were already using it for our son’s insulin. I never imagined the role this small device would play during the disaster relief efforts of T1 Team Texas.

MedAngel is a must have for disaster preparations



The MedAngel device
uses Bluetooth
technology & an App
to  monitor temperatures!



Prior to the arrival of Hurricane Harvey, our Type 1 Diabetes community exchanged the usual advice for keeping insulin cool – freezing extra ice, Frio bags & coolers.  I also personally recommended using MedAngel. This small app driven device monitors temperature levels for medications. If your insulin temperatures dip below safe levels, an alarm on your phone will warn you.

Here is an example of the app on my phone in three different modes:


I have been a big fan of MedAngel since it first came on the market. When we lived in Italy, we had to keep a year’s worth of insulin in our home fridge for our Type 1 Diabetic son. Italy is a beautiful place to live, but it was not unusual to lose power in our villa  up to seven times a day! Being sure his insulin was always kept at the appropriate temperature was a challenge.

When I first read about MedAngel, I knew immediately how important this device could be during power outages and when we traveled. Now that we are back in the states, we have TWO MedAngel sensors. One for home and one at school for my college age son. (He shares a fridge with other guys and it’s helpful to know his insulin is always safe!)

Harvey brought 43-63 inches of rain!!!

Nothing could have prepared us for the wide spread damage Harvey caused.  The majority of the Gulf Coast of Texas from Corpus Christi to the Louisiana border was devastated by high winds, tornadoes and unprecedented flooding. Due to its slow path in and out of the Gulf of Mexico, rainfall amounts were between 43-63 inches over the course of just a few days!

Flood waters destroyed homes, businesses, pharmacies and the entire infrastructure of cities.  Insulin and diabetes supplies were in high demand for shelters and displaced people.  With the help of some key community diabetes leaders, we formed T1 Team Texas to meet the immediate critical care needs of the diabetes community.

 T1 Team Texas was a grassroots volunteer organization 
established to meet immediate diabetes care needs following
the impact of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas.

T1 Team Texas relied strictly on volunteers and donated supplies. We had four hubs, set up in volunteer homes, that received donated insulin throughout the Houston area. We then used volunteer drivers to reach people with diabetes, shelters, hospitals and city emergency service centers.

Throughout the four hubs,
T1 Team Texas volunteers
were storing thousands of
dollars of donated insulin.
Volunteers (left to right)
Anne Imber
Whitney Talbot
Kim Allaire

T1 Team Texas Volunteers

MedAngel was on T1 Team Texas too!

We emptied our fridges to make room for every variation of insulin you could imagine. My house served as one of those hubs. I worried about losing power so I made sure my MedAngel sensor was properly placed with my insulin donations.

And, of course, we did lose power! TWICE! When one of the outages ran longer than we anticipated, I ran to transfer my supply of donated insulin to a friend’s house.

During this process of re-packing insulin, I removed the sensor and set it on the counter. Within three minutes the MedAngel alarm on my phone was screaming that the “insulin” temperature was rising!!! Thankfully the actual insulin had already been placed safely in the fridge, but that alarm reminded me what a great little tool my MedAngel was!

Our experience in Italy taught us the importance of having a convenient temperature measurement tool for my son's insulin. Sending my son away to college emphasized it. Living in an area devastated by a hurricane solidified it!

So now you know why I highly recommend the MedAngel device. And I am delighted to share that, in honor of T1 Team Texas, MedAngel is offering a 15% off discount to our readers! Just use the promotion code “Team Texas” when you order. I hope that all my friends in the Gulf Coast region will add a MedAngel to their diabetes tool chest – and do it now, before the next hurricane arrives!

And thanks to MedAngel for being a part of the “Team Texas” efforts!

Use code “TeamTexas”
for 15% off your order.

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directly to USA Shop



Written by Anne Imber
published on 10/24/2017 on 

Anne Imber is the mom to a Type 1 Diabetic son diagnosed in 2009. As the Founder of Type 1 To Go Teen, Anne shares her experiences with other Type 1 families regarding many of the non-medical issues that Type 1 Diabetic Teens face. The website provides support materials from her presentations. Anne is also the Co-Founder of Cy Fair Type One Connection, a T1 School Advocacy & Support Group for one of the largest school districts in Texas.

Tristan Edgar has agreed to let his mom share their stories about raising a Type 1 Diabetic Teen. The family hopes their experiences can benefit other families living with diabetes.

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